About Me 

Constantly Under Construction

Hi there. So, you’ve dropped onto this page and I’m guessing you’re now expecting some spectacular blog about who I am and why I do what I do. Well. I’m going to make this as brief as I can. 
My name is Phil. I’m a Spiritual Life Coach and, just like my website, I’m constantly under construction. That’s not a bad thing though, as I think we all need to keep working ‘within’ ourselves in order to support others. I heard once that we can only support others as deep as we have gone ourselves. 
I came to my spirituality as many do, through depression and anxiety. My then therapist and spiritual coach (a very special soul) introduced me to meditation and then to Reiki. My Spiritual path has been...a ride. For me, there has been some big old deep dives and some heart wrenching shadow work to go through. I’m still here though and still at it. I have a 100% success rate of coming through my trials, so far. I have met wonderful mentors who have supported me in my own spiritual development and still do so. It’s so important for me (and I guess any coach) that we have our own mentor to turn to for guidance and support.
I have found Inspiration for my own life and spiritual development in books too. Authors such as Stephen Covey, Rhonda Byrne, Judy Hall, Neale Donald Walsch, Paulo Coelho, Enid Blyton, C.S Lewis and Michael Ende have all had a profound effect and some have truly changed my life. This is not the extent of my reading. There are many authors who I could mention. Maybe that’s actually worth another page of the website though... Inspiration through Books. Anyone around my age (46 this year) might recognise Michael Ende, as his children’s fiction was made famous via movie screen. He wrote a book about a boy called Bastian Balthazar Bux. I am still envious of that name 40 years later. There’s still time for me to legally change my name though. The movie ‘The Never Ending Story’ had a profound effect on me from a small age when I first went to watch it at the cinema all those years ago. This was a pivotal point for me in wondering and day-dreaming about other worlds and what might be beyond our own limited comprehension.
I love learning. I have completed accredited diplomas and courses in Mentoring, Counselling Skills, Shadow Mastery, Education and Teaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Shinrin Yoku, Safeguarding, Mental Health, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dementia, Assessing and Quality Assurance.
I am trained in Reiki healing to the Reiki Master level and teach the Usui system of healing. As Awakening Souls I offer services such as Reiki, Reiki development  and attunments, oracle card readings, meditation coaching and more recently, Indian head massage. I run different events such as meditation groups, Reiki shares and spiritual development. I love to use crystals, crystal grids, runes, colour, different types of oracle cards (I have quite a few different packs, but you can never have too many right?). I offer different services on a 1:1 basis such as spiritual coaching, healing journeys, other life visions quests, forest bathing experiences. Meditation and spiritual development.

I have been practising meditation and Reiki for many years now, and teaching Reiki since 2015. It has been through meditation and Reiki that I really started to work with my spirit team. The support and connection that I have with my spirit team certainly has grown stronger over the past couple of years.
I really hope we get to work together. I am so full of gratitude that I am able to support other people now, as I have been supported in the past. It will be a pleasure to book your first initial complimentary session to start your journey of self-discovery.