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Full Circle - Back to Oneness

Welcome to the Full Circle Podcast with your hosts:Julie Gater (Atlantean Egyptian Crystal Energy Healer, Songwriter at Heavenly Voices and Alchemy Music Teacher and Musician), 
Glenn Boddice (Spiritual Medium, Musician and Producer) and 
Phillip Wright (Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Development Guide) 

Our podcast will bring you open minded discussions of various topics, exploring our own journeys‘ of spirtual development. 
There are plenty of topics to start with including meditation, creation theories, individual spirituality, collective consciousness & duality, mediumship and psychic abilities, ghosts and spirits, runes, soul contracts & soul groups, akashic records, astral travel, manifestation, lightworkers, higher beings and Angels. 

We will also be having special guests to come and share their own thoughts, experiences and talk about their own spiritual practices. 

You are now tuned in to the Full Circle frequency.

Our Latest Episode -
In Conversation with Dandivines
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What a fabulous episode we have for you.  We have the wonderful Dandi from Dandivines with us; an international guest, who has lived in Napal, Australia, China and now currently back in Liverpool. 

Dandi talks to us about his travels and the healing, reading and meditation modalities he has studied while being there. 

We hear all about Dandi's work as a Reiki Master, Psychic, Reader, Spiritual Life Coach and Esoteric Artist. Dandi gives us a wonderful insight into his studies and work as an esoteric artist. 

As usual, the episode is so organic and naturally branches into many topics, such as fire spinning, tea ceremonies, reading styles, the current energies. 

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording with the fabulous Dandi.